Castlot Review – good free RTS game

Castlot Review – good free RTS game like Age of Empires, kind of.
If you are after a free RTS game to play online well give Castlot a try. And it doesn’t matter what computer you have as this game is browser based so PC and Apple Mac owners can play this game, and you don’t need to download anything – no installer!
Once you start the game you start playing straight away and you can’t choose the avatar you might want – just choose your name and start playing the tutorial. This is pretty good I think. But one thing I noticed straight away was there was no sound – I don’t expect characters talking to me but I would have thought there would be some sound effects or background music. Well maybe the money saved in developing the sound was spent on the graphics. This freebie game has really good graphics much like the free Microsoft Age of Empires style (is there a free online Age of Empires game?).
Gameplay is not the usual for RTS online games that you need to keep getting resources, gold, timber etc. to build your city up leaving you with lots of quests to do and having some fun to boot. Battles in this free to play game looks great but you have no control, you just watch a great rendered clip of the knights in battle – looks really great.
The game loads up pretty fast and I haven’t had any problems playing it at all. All in all not a bad game at all, especially as it is a free game, I just wish it had a little background sounds and music to set the scene right. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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