free browser based MMORPG called Warriors Saga

Warriors Saga
I have found one more free browser based MMORPG called Warriors Saga. It is a free browser-based game, developed by Chinese online game workshop WooDuan and distributed by Yoogames, that is meant to be inspired by a well-known Chinese novel titled Journey to the West. They say they promise a mixture of Chinese cultures and MMORPG game play by means of turn-based combats, pet system and a hero advancement mode. I have read they have over 100 servers running and the games have been made to play in many languages including English, Thai, Japanese and Korean language.

Each time I play a new game, I constantly seem to judge it against other ARPG games and this one game is a bit like a combo of these games - Zodiac Online, Forsakia and Neverland Online. Anyway, playing the web browser game, Warriors Saga, is a bit like these massively multiplayer online games. For instance in the class system for Zodiac Online, it has twelve Chinese animal signs much the same as Warriors Saga with its twelve characters offered for you to choose.  The gameplay doesn’t offer a lot of unique and ground-breaking elements, its style of gameplay is very old-fashioned. I have also found the translations not to be very good, sometimes unintentionally funny.

Warriors Saga feels like it is a bit of a kids online game, just the way the characters wander around in the game but I guess it still is a bit addictive and entertaining. And is it like the book it is meant to be based on? Well I wouldn’t know that at all as I have never seen the book and me, being from a Western culture, maybe wouldn’t comprehend the Eastern style story anyway. Hey, once again it is a free online RPG game so it is still worth a try isn’t it?

free browser based MMORPG called Warriors Saga based on chinese book

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