2029 ONLINE - free RTS MMORPG Sci Fi game

Here is another free RPG game to try out. I hadn’t heard of it before so thought I would give it a shot and see how it plays. This free online game is called ‘2029 ONLINE’ and is a mix of the usual MMORGP, RPG but has a bit of RTS thrown in as well.

So I went and download it, didn’t take me long – downloads were fast and the game size is around 350 MB so not too bad at all. Install went smoothly, had to sign up, of course, and verify my email address. After that I was logged in and could make my game character.

2029 ONLINE only has a fairly limited range of character choices – you can only pick from three races – Human, Dryads (like an ogre) and Electronic Elves. Each one, of course, has its own skills and abilities that you can train to improve by levelling-up just like most free RPG games.
The in game graphics are not 3D but a top down 2D that reminds me a bit of the old Diablo games – except , of course, this game is set in the future. Don’t be put off that it’s not 3D so games I think the 3D makes it very poor as the graphics get blocky if not done correctly.

2029 ONLINE game play and combat is pretty good and fairly easy – they have made an easy to follow interface that makes it extremely hard to get lost and the game has intuitive controls. Combine the great interface with the autolocate feature and a heap of different quests lets players of 2029 ONLINE have a really good, entertaining game that has fast levelling. You have to level up to be able to get access to a lot of the areas in this game including lots of special events that the makers announce quite regularly .

There is a little bit of RTS in this game, it’s not full on but still good. The RTS part is how the mercenaries work in the game and is a great idea and works very well. It allows the player to create their own group of mercenaries to go fight with you. Having a group of mercs following you around is great. They do most automated attacks and spells for you and it seems like how a RTS works but you have no real control like a true RTS – it is still a good part of this online game.

Try it out, I found it to be worth playing , you should too.

2029 online free rts rpg game- good free rpg game

2029 online free rts rpg game screenshot - good free rpg game

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