Rosh Online Review - good free rpg games

Rosh Online Review.
Rosh Online, another good free RPG game is very much the same as Last Chaos in looks and how it feels to play the game. I have read that it is an updated version of Karos but I haven’t played that free game to be able to compare.
Character Creation in Rosh Online is a bit limited with only a few different choices of faces and hair and you can only have a male gunner, blader or rogue and a female paladin, mystic and bowmistress.Karos Online, for me, throws you in the deep end a bit for new players as I couldn’t find any tutorial when I played but most things you just right-click and you get to interact with NPCs or attack an enemy etc. and click the screen to move around.
Combat is fairly simple but I can see new players may get confused by the levelling system. You do the normal killing and questing to unlock new quests but it can be a drag with how much there is. Quests are best for levelling as you get a heap more points than the usual monster bashing. There are a few extra bits that seem OK, collecting mini-pets, they help you steal items and recover a little quicker.
Overall not a bad free online MMOrpg game, there seems to be plenty of people playing but really it isn’t that much different to a lot of RPG games out there.

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