free sailing MMORPG game - Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is set around the fifteenth to seventeenth century. It basically is a free online game that lets players sail around in ships and compete to try and conquer hundreds of cities and lands to make sure that their nation is the world’s leading power.

The game is pretty complex and has a bit of a learning curve to understand fully but, really, for gamers wanting a challenging MMORPG try it out. For a free MMORPG this has some real depth to the game.
Uncharted Waters Online has some pretty good graphics, with a good range screen resolutions supported and you can also choose full screen or windowed mode for the game. Once you log in with a free account you need to make a character – first by choose a nationality - Venice, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands or England. After that you choose whether to be an adventurer, a merchant or a soldier.

As a new player you don’t just go off and start travelling around the oceans. You really must start in a school where three NPC instructors teach you about the three different types of job. By doing this you go on little quests which fully explain the game’s workings and you really need to do it otherwise you won’t know what’s going on.

A lot of the game is committed to the exploring side, meaning searching the globe for cool discoveries in the form of ancient ruins and site, religious relics and artifacts etc. But of course battles on the high sea is what most like to do. The most common form of combat involves ships firing cannon shots from a distance. The larger ship you have, the more cannons it can have but small ships are more manoeuvrable so can ram enemy ships easier. And if ships come in contact their sailing crews will battle it out in free-for-all combat.

But Uncharted Waters Online isn’t all about battles like most small free MMORPGs are. You can also own farms, homes, and make your money by trading with other players. This is one deep game and not a game that all will like as it can take a long time to get a hold on what is actually going on. But like I said if you want a game that isn’t just a bash’em up grind try it out.

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