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Trickster Online free mmorpg game Fortunately, I can state one thing about Trickster Online - it has got the possiblity to become an outstanding, demanding MMORPG except there are numerous downfalls that seriously block this game's probabilities of coming through to be on top of list of the best free RPG games. The graphics and artwork are extraordinary, the cute expressive style appears neater than just about any other game I have come across, and it also imparts an heightened 3D feeling and experience to a few surroundings. The sound is sort of crummy, with your regulation bang and crash and the background music is barely mediocre. You will not hear a more hopeless soundtrack.
The character creation could be a little better like there should be more varied jobs and a species shouldn't be limited to just one job. It would be a bit more interesting too if you could choose either female or male. The free RPG gameplay is pretty good, you have the conventional point and click attack but also they've a incomparable card style battle system, in which you equip a card to a skill expansion slot and apply the card to trigger the skill. It is genuinely unequalled, and proposes oodles of room for customisation.
But after you achieve around level thirty, it gets to become a never-ending grind. Trickster, I guess is a little like Maple Story but with different surroundings. The baddies are somewhat right and the big bosses have massive power and to try to beat them is fairly hard but that's good. The quests in Trickster are bit boring as nearly all that I attempted are simply your common wipe out this many monsters and get a reward or go collect an item and deliver it for a reward. Like I said a bit plain and boring but there are heaps of additional stuff to do when you get fed up questing - stuff like buying and selling gear and items, drilling and forging weapons.
They do have special events and they are all right but they're very scarce. You also see game masters and admins online but I haven't notice them interact with the players. The community seems nice and friendly as the short time I played the online game I made quite a few good friends, and so it is genuinely easy to have a party of players because most of the people I bumped into were in groups of more than three players. This was good news for a good free MMORPG game.
good free online mmorpg trickster game review

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