Reviewed Runescape Free Player RPG

Runescape is a huge game with a huge following. I made the mistake of saying I didn't like Runescape way back last year and got a few comments that I had to delete. Well I guess it is time to have another look and review Runescape as a Free RPG game that you play in your browser. I notice that the CEO of Runescape has posted a letter a few days ago answering peoples complaints - especially, I see, about the Free Player game.

I did have a couple of main reasons I didn't like Runescape Free so I will look at the browser based RPG again.
The graphics in Runscape were very ordinary and looked like something from a game generations old. I am happy to say the graphics have been improved in a major way. They now have a look of a modern game and this has made a big difference to me in gameplay. Check the difference between the old and new on these RPG character faces.

My other point was the free account of Runescape. It, to me, was very cut down and seemed like it was trying to force players to the paid version. I know they are running a business and need to make money. The free version isn't so bad now , they have opened it up a bit and if you seemed to be limited in the free RPG maybe consider the pay version.

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Tielor said...

yeah, i bagged on 'scape pretty bad too, but now it's ok. not great, but still ok. it's sorta a "gateway" rpg that leads you to better games. or at least it was for me.

Anonymous said...

runescape is a great game and it was good at first now it's excelent it's a game where you can play as a character in medievel times and skill up level up and trade different weapons weild different weapons and wear diferent armour and do many quests like a real medievel warrior you can chose between mage range tank(defende pure)or attack and strength pure or maybe all of them. the members version is much better where you can have better weapons better and more skills and loads loads more quests. you can travel to so many places but not that far with the free version but with the members version you can travel to so many more places and further than the eye can see.

Anonymous said...

i love runescape its so much fun i like the new graphics but hate the trading you can only trade so much it all depends on your quest point witch suck if your a pure but it is an awesome game for free or member players i do think its a good game to start with if you like to move around

Anonymous said...

runescape used to be good but now it sucks... they ruined all the fun bits of the game... no more trading or pvp... dumb game