Free Download Online RPG – Sho Online

Sho Online is a fairly good looking free, downloadable 3D MMORPG that acts a little like what I remember Diablo 2 was like ( I haven’t played Diablo2 for a long time now but the item system here is much the same, where you can find pieces that will get you extra bonuses when you have the whole set.) but looks very much the style of the great graphics in Silk Road.

The MMORPG game has only three classes to pick from when you start off; Assassins, very adept with daggers and bows and can strike enemies from near and far; Warriors, best at close combat and have the fastest recuperating times and Soolsas, powerful and have the unique ability to create monsters and can attack and confuse enemies with spells from a distance. From these basic choices you can then be promoted to other levels eg, Dagger Master or Archer for the Assassin. In Sho Online monsters drop all sorts of item and weapons that gives you a bit of entertainment while you try to level up. Like I said items can also have random bonuses attached to it as well, which will keep you into the game for sure and has a good monster pet system to help you battle.

One negative for this free downloadable RPG game is the poor English. Sometimes it is a little hard to figure out what the quest actually is. But anyway this game is still worth the download. 
good free online RPG game Sho Online Screenshot