Savage 2 Free RPG, FPS and RTS game

Savage 2 is a fantastic looking team based game that seems to combine all elements of Role Playing Games,Front Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy games. It is the sequel for Savage - The Battle for Newerth. Savage 2 is a free game and we all like free online games don't we?

You fight it out in the game on fairly big battle-fields with the aim to win the game by destroying the other team’s command centre. These are Action players - they are the ones actually doing the physical online fighting. Players choose between two factions; the Legion of Man and the Beast Hoard have they each have seven class types, each of these have different weapons and skills. Also each race has different buildings and upgrades along with play styles.

There is also a team elected Commander - unlike the Action Players on the ground playing a FPS/Action RPG game, the Commander gets a traditional RTS interface, viewing the world top down. This lets you plan, scheme and control resources for the team.

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Martijn said...

I'm quite sure the correct term is "First Person Shooter" and not "Front Person Shooter".

Anonymous said...

your missing quite a number of free good rpg's and have a number of ones I think of as stinkers.

I advise you google exit fate (I swear to god it is suikoden 2 version 2) and last scenario. Those 2 are polished so much they shine like any other psx era rpg. Then legacies of dondoran for another good rpg maker style game.

There are quite a number of acceptable quality rpg's too which aren't technically free but yeah they are easily free.

-Eternal eden,deadly sin, aveyond, laxius force and all kinds of that cloudy water. Funny that the totally free ones are much > than the attempt at payment ones.