Age Of Armor - Free 3D Sci Fi RPG

Age of Armor is a free Sci-Fi based 3D RPG game in which you, as a player, are in a super powered mech to do all your battling. There are two factions warring against each other and you must choose to be on one of the side, of course, either United Earth or Republic of Mars.

Game players start with a fairly basic mech but you can soon get enough parts to customise it. While you are doing the battles you can also explore around the space system and by exploring and winning battles you collect new parts for your mech. There must be 100's of different parts to upgrade your mech. Players can learn heaps of fantastic skills and complete some pretty good missions and in doing so you also take part in your faction battle (PvP - Player V Player battles, cool!)

When you are in town you get out of your mech to wander around and interact with other people and buildings, not a bad way of doing things. This free RPG game is worth a try, if anything because of it's different setting, out in space.
good free rpg games Age Of Armor free sci fi space game
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