Pokemon Global Online a Free Pokemon RPG Game

Pokemon Global Online is a great free RPG Pokemon game that I have been looking at for a while now. This online pokemon game is constantly updated and looks like a group of new people developing it to make it even better.
I have had a few emails from the head programmer about it's future and it looks very promising. The screenshots look superb and I really think that this free online Pokemon RPG game will be even better than the all time favourite Pokemon Crater Battle Arena v7.

Pokemon Global Online has just released an update, it is now Beta v1.5. so try it out. I have been told that they are going to have an online version that needs no download, completely online, great stuff!
So, if you are missing playing Pokemon Crater Battle Arena and are upset that it is not available any more well give this free RPG game a try. It is one of the best.
Pokemon Global Online | Free Pokemon RPG Game------------------------------------------------------
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KAT said...

Thanks, I think I will try a game or two.
I have to learn to play though. LOL

Anonymous said...

do u know WHEN they will update it and make it non downloadable?

Anonymous said...

can u get legendaries

Anonymous said...

When can you do it download-able?