Fairyland Online | Good Free RPG Game

Fairyland Online is an interesting online RPG that is all about fairy tales, adventures and cute characters. This good free RPG looks like it would be quite good for children but is also good for adults to play. Fairyland is drawn in a nice 2D/3D style with Japanese animated cuteness everywhere.

Fairyland RPG has got a really neat pet system, monsters that may attack can be adopted and trained as pets - great to take on quests. You can choose from three races each with unique benefits - Human is the most versatile race, with no apparent strengths or weaknesses, Elves are an ancient and magical race and Dwarves are an earthly and secluded race. Once chosen you can chat, battle quest, whatever. There are lots of quests and a ton of things to do - you can even get married!!
A free RPG worth checking out.
Fairyland Online Good Free RPG Game
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Anonymous said...

It's really good game and btw i'm tired of all games similar to WoW....
Try it out and you'll like it ^_~