WindSlayer RPG | Good Free Online RPG Game

I have just come across another good free online rpg game called WindSlayer. It is a 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, just like Maplestory RPG (more about that in a later post), in which you’ll journey through the Windslayer world to become a great adventurer.

WindSlayer is a classic free role-playing game (free RPG) in which defeating monsters and bosses gives you experience and treasure but it also has great player v player (PVP) battles. Actually the monsters do look like they would be home in an online Pokemon game. Online players aren't just trying to level up to make their character stronger, you also can upgrade weapons by gaining weapon experience points in the PVP battles. This gives you more power in the weapons when in role-playing style.

I am really impressed by this Good Free Online RPG Game, it looks great and plays even better!
WindSlayer RPG Good Free Online RPG Game (by the way this pic is from the Korean version, there is an English version as well)
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