4Story A Great Free RPG Game Like WOW

4Story looks to be fantastic quest style 3D MMORPG that to me looks and plays like the great game World of Warcraft (WOW). This is a very new game and still in the Beta stage. The graphics are really good, the first thing I noticed about this free rpg game was how close it is to WOW in looks, the character and scenery are the same cartoon/anime style.

Typically like most RPGs it has three races, this RPG game has Humans, Werebeasts, and Fairies and from that class/skills of Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Wizard, Priest and Summoner. The quests in the 4Story MMORPG are pretty good, not as good as World of Warcraft because of the poor text translation and some other bugs (but remember it's a Beta) but great for a free RPG game.

As I mentioned 4Story is a lot like WoW, so if you after something original maybe try some other good free RPG game but do try it if you want a free game that looks good and plays how a MMORPG should. I think it will be one of the really top free RPGs for the next year or so.
4Story Great Free RPG Game Like WOW world of warcraft------------------------------------------------------
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Felina said...

Well this game has like no story line 98% of the quest u do are repeats witch is like it sounds u get like 4-6 quest do them redo them again and again till a certain lvl then get more repeats. I find this very very boring but thats just me.