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Eternal Lands is a great looking Good Free Online RPG Game. One of the best things in Eternal Lands is it has no fixed classes or professions, so you can always do new things and develop new skills without having to create a new character! Meaning you don't have to stay as a magic based player - a great idea for all good free online mmorpg games I think.

Lots to do in this free online game - You can fight monsters and other players, hunt animals, or join with a group of friends and take them on together. You can mine ores that you turn into bars of different metals to make various armor and weapons, even farm flowers and herbs to mix together to concoct magical potions. And even summon animals and monsters to follow and fight for you.

The online game experience is very good, there's always someone new to talk to in global or private channels, guilds to join, places to explore, all with an easy to use chat interface. Chat makes it very interesting.
And it is only a very small download PLUS there is a Windows, Mac OSx and Linux versions, WOW!

eternal springs free online rpg games
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I have seen this website but never really investigated it. I surely will now. Thanks

Good Free Online RPG Games said...

Thanks for commenting Michelle. I remember you visiting one of my sites a long time back. Hope you are well.

Peter said...

You post so many interesting looking's a bit overwhelming! From any of your recent posts do you have a top recommendation?

good free online rpgs said...

Thanks for the comment Peter. Try out Bang Howdy, it is good fun. Well I like maybe others would.
Hey these games are free so no harm try a whole heap of them out!!