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Magic World Online is a new good free online MMORPG game that is in Beta stage but is pretty good already. The game play is good with heaps of quests to do and the level grind is kept to a minimum because you have an in game bot that does it for you. There is plenty to do with quests and professions and a there is a lot of classes to choose, the game play is balanced so you won’t need to be a expert with free MMORPG’s to play the game well.
magic world online free online mmorpgMagic World Online is a new style of free online MMORPG that provides some great game features including In Game Video Chat, guild castles, player houses, growing weapons that will upgrade together with you, infinite weapons and armor, auto navigation and a marriage system.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I have been watching Magic World Online. It looks interesting. Hey, keep your eye out for Legend of Golden Plume. It is a blast and is in alpha test right now. So far a great community and an unusual skills system. Oh and i am doing great, thanks for asking!

Free Online RPG Games said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated!
I will look for Legend of Golden Plume.