The Best Free Online Multiplayer Naruto Game | Naruto Arena

Naruto Arena is a good free online RPG game based on the great manga and cartoons of Naruto and it is bascally a battle with three Naruto characters against three Naruto characters. You and your online opponent needs to choose three characters that will fight, Naruto style, until you or the other player is completely down.

Each Naruto character has 100 health points and your aim is to get your opponent's characters to zero health. In order to do this, you will work out battle tactics and strategies to cause damage your opponents. By using Chakra, your team is able to perform different skills, such as stun, defend or damage.

So far the only good free online Naruto RPG game I have found worth playing.
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Alexika said...

Nice!I'm Glad U Posted It!I Play Naruto-Arena And I Love It!