Top 10 online RPG games for 2008

Good Free RPG Games top 10 online games for 2008.
This is my list of the most popular games (on this blog) since the start of 2008.

Pokemon Crater

Pokemon Crater Battle Arena V7

Pokedox - the new crater for 2008

Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Black

Pokemon Arena Project

Last Chaos

Pirate King Online

Star Wars Combine

Fiesta Online

As you can see the Online Pokemon games are by far the most popular. But fun times can be had with any of the games I have reviewed. Good stuff!

Keep checking back often as I am always finding new ones. If you have a game that is not listed and it should be, let me know.


Anonymous said...

last chaos = mmorpg or rpg?
how about runescape?

Coaster said...

Mac, I say mmorpg , it still has rpg in it though thats why I add them.

Is Runescape free? I'll check it out.
thanks for the comment, please comment as often as you like.

Anonymous said...

Omfg, you have pokemon for almost all the posts that is soooooooo off. There are way more people that enjoy other games besides poekemon, you are just a pokemon freak which makes you think that all of them are the most popular, this list is way to biased.

Coaster said...

You haven't read the post correctly, this is a list of the most popular stories on this site, not all time top 10 games in the world!! :)