Freebie MMO FPS Game Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror. This game isn’t brand new but I like one of the options it has. Mission Against Terror (usually just MAT) is a free 3D, MMO first person shooter – not what that should be called 3DMMOFPS??
Players can take part in the normal,classic deathmatch modes, or a bombing mode, wherein one team must plant a bomb while the other must stop them. But the one I really like is the more outlandish Mummy mode, its own variant of mutation style where players must fend off mummies that can infect humans – what happens is one player is randomly chosen as a mummy and has to infect more players who in turn infect more. Un-affected players have to, of course, kill them all. Mummy mode should be called Zombie mode I think.
Because MAT is a MMOFPS it has the customary FPS gameplay and also social features including the ability to customize your avatar and visit virtual areas and relax at a bar in between fights. Mission Against Terror includes some fascinating features, like the ability to dance (yes, dance) during combat, this lets you gradually regenerate health and also provides a third person view of your character which can be used to peek around corners.
A plus is the game has simple controls, and low system requirements and the big range of game modes. But the graphics look a little old and gameplay can get repetitive (but I don’t care because of the free Zombie mode) mat.subagames.com

Mission Against Terror mummy mode free game

Mission Against Terror mummy mode freebie game fps

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