S4 League free Sci-Fi MMOFPS thats a combo anime game and shooter game

My review of S4 League. This free Sci-Fi MMOFPS is a game that is action packed and really fast paced and has few different game modes like capture the flag and death match (though they call it something else - a combo anime game and shooter game. The game has a good sci-fi theme that makes it a bit different from other games in the freebie MMOFPS range like GunZ and is a kind of sports game as well - a future sport I guess. The game is better than a lot of the free MMOFPS that are out there and has a good range of options for you to customise your character customization. The S4 League online game lets you pick a gender, their clothes and hair colour and style.

All players new to start have the same weapon, a submachine gun and a sword and then start a little tutorial, it only takes about five or 10 minutes. It has voice instructions and will really help explain all the essential elements in the game. It’s optional so you can skip it if you need but I would do it if I were you and as a bonus you get a good reward of 5,000PEN – that is the games currency. Of course, as with most free MMOFPS it uses basic W A S D controls to move around and aiming and firing is done with the mouse.

Earning additional PEN and experience is a little slow going I found compared to other free shooters games. The S4 League game supports from 2 to 12 players per game and has two different game modes - Chaser Mode and Touch Down Mode. Chaser Mode works the same as in any games Death Match and Touch Down Mode is about the team that brings a ball that spawns in the middle of the map back to their side first wins. Each time a side scores, a new round begins. This game is really fast and if the players don’t move quickly they will die almost instantly.

Lots of things in S4 League can be destroyed, stuff like crates and barrels and even bridges. Players in S4 League have various weapon styles to choose from submachine guns, rifles, bazookas and swords. I never had any trouble finding a match even though S4 League is a fairly new game genre. So if you like First-Person Shooters, give this a try.  

S4 League. free Sci-Fi MMOFPS game action packed and really fast paced, different game modes like capture the flag and death match - a combo anime game and shooter game.

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