Tribal Wars

tribal wars - good free online rpg gameTribal Wars is a free browser based RPG game No downloads needed!. You can play the game from nearly any computer with internet access because there are no downloads necessary.
Your goal is to lead your medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger and as the population grows, production rises and trade prospers.
But not only your village grows, neighbours are also looking to expand their influence - troops are being recruited, villages are fortified and wild axemen plunder and kill. You will meet other players, with whom you can fight together in a tribe. This is a fun, involving free RPG game - worth trying out!


tbe.Mike said... can be an extremely awesome game, especially if you can align yourself with an organized tribe early on. The coordination and politics that go on in wars between tribes is where the fun is at.

The only drawback I had during my stint playing was that some of the administrators were players and they were very obviously biased towards certain tribes that they were allied with. I can't say if that is still an issue or not as I haven't played for over a year now. Turn Based Era