Goma Island

Goma Island is a brand new game and good free RPG game as well, where you raise a pet and run around defeating monsters. There are towns, quests, tournaments, etc. It looks a little like it could be a little like a Pokemon style game, maybe like Pokemon Crater?

Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the
adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your
own creatures! You can fight fellow players, dress up your userpage and much
more! So come visit today - the island is waiting!

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foxumon said...

Wow, thanks for the blog entry! I was blown away when I found this page. It's awesome to be mentioned w/ out asking xD

Good Free RPG Games said...

Thanks for the great cooment. Please come back often and let me know of any updates or new games you have.

Everin said...

Goma Island is an Awesome game!
Go check it out.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

This game is so cute! Thanks for telling about it!