Free Fantasy RPG Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is an impressive looking and playing 3D turn based fantasy RPG (well really a MMORPG) where you as a player get to control several different characters in combat - to explain it better, I think it is like a free Final Fantasy game - the battle are very much like that.

Atlantica Online has an amazingly massive game world that is from real places. Not that I have gone far in this game, the maps show that you can travel to places like North East Asia - Korea, Japan...South East Asia - India, Indonesia, Malaysia...Europe - Spain, Italy, France...Africa and lots more. The battles are really fast paced combat so don't be put off by it being turn based and so is levelling. This makes Atlantica Online a real fun RPG game with great worlds and graphics and game play.

You quest is to follow a dangerous path given to you as a descendant of Atlantis. You must find your ancestral home, which disappeared off the face of the planet Earth a long time ago. So to fulfil your destiny you need to save humankind from the dangerous effects of Oriharukon, which is the destructive power source of Atlantis.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I would be in trouble if it is really fast paced! LOL! I know it does look wonderful from what I have seen.

Tyrant Schnider said...

At last there's now a turn based MMORPG... I've been waiting for this king of game... I hope it has a good gameplay...