Perfect World | Coolest free RPG

Perfect World (also called WanMei)is one of the coolest and most popular Free Online RPG Games at the moment. It has a full 3-D RPG world with amazing graphics and game playing style. This free RPG game has a well thought out party and guild system as well as a great Pet capture and combat assist system.

The free online RPGs story is based upon some old Chinese mythology and history. Perfect World is a mixture of adventure and fantasy and has a wide range of fantastic generated Non Play Characters and monsters all through it's RPG world, it looks like there is always something new and wonderful.

Perfect World has an extensive way of changing your character, you can change how your character looks in many ways, from hair to facial features. A very Good Free RPG Game (actually a MMORPG).
Perfect World|Coolest good free RPG game
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Shazbot said...

Hey! Hey! Thanks!

Any downsides to this game? I am quite mystified as it's one of the few quest-based MMORPGs out there but still it doesn't enjoy much popularity with all the people I've talked to.