good free rpg games conquer screenshotConquer Online is a Free Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). In Conquer, thousands of online players adventure together in an enormous, beautifully drawn game world, forming friendships, slaying monsters, engaging in quests, and role-playing their characters in the game world. It looks fantastic doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

looks can be deceiving...

have you actually been on it lately?

they have completely ruined it from what it once was.. now its a money racket not a game!

top ten free RPGs said...

thanks for the comment. Looks like people need to check out some other RPG games. Try this top ten list of free RPGs.

Nick said...

I playd that game for about 6 years.. It was alot better when they had it bout 4 years ago.. Now its all about money.. il always love it tho..