Dream of Mirror Online

Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) places the player into the Mirror World, a place where they have been called to help assist the Mirror Kings in solving recent disruptions. Based on the Asian myth of the Kunlun Mirror, the story presents itself as an interactive fantasy role-playing game for all ages.

DOMO offers four starting races, which can later become any class in the game. Humans are a balanced race. The Shura are geared for fighting. The Sylph are geared toward magic. Finally, the Sprites are assistance classes, and are small, childlike humans.
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Nathan said...

This game is for emos. Sure, it's fun for a little while, but if you do something they find out of line, they'll ban you out. This can be as small as yelling out random, non-profain sentances during an "In game wedding". FlyFF is better.