Atu'los Online

Atu'los Online.

This free RPG game is from a fellow Australian so it must be great! yep, another Good Free RPG game :)
Atulos Online is a Free Medieval MMORPG. You can choose from many different characters, including Mage, Knight, Dwarf and Guardian. The story unfolds as a confrontation with the Sorcerer Atu'los draws ever closer.
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Atulos - a good free rpg game

In the Ancient times, a fearsome ruler in the line of Arkahron ruled with an Iron Fist. This ruler was called Atu'los, because in the Ancient tongue this meant that he was both wise and evil. Atu'los used his wisdom to study the dark arts, a gift that according to legend, was sometimes found in the lineage of Arkahron. Atu'los awoke many great and terrible forces, and became more powerful than any other that has lived. Atu'los conquered all the lands of the Ancient world, and ruled them for many years.
But Atu'los was not immortal. During a war with a band of mountain dwelling rebels, Atu'los was struck in the neck by an arrow. Nearing death Atu'los retreated to his castle. There Atu'los died and was placed in a burial chamber that became enchanted by powers still unknown. Over the centuries the region was named after its ancient ruler ... Atu'los.

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